11th Hour Volunteers

Courage Compassion Gentleness

The gift of self.

That’s what an HPH Hospice (HPH) 11th Hour Volunteer brings when walking into the room of a hospice patient who is actively dying. It’s likely that the patient and volunteer have never met before, but what’s important is that the patient doesn’t die alone.

Who Are 11th Hour Volunteers?

HPH chooses these individuals selectively and over time. 11th Hour Volunteers have worked closely with patients and families in other situations and have demonstrated excellent judgment, discretion, maturity,
open-mindedness and kindness. Moreover, our 11th Hour Volunteers have been screened, interviewed and trained for this extremely special program and receive ongoing education and support.

How Does An 11th Hour Volunteer Help?

By being present. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. 11th Hour Volunteers are called to the bedside of a patient in settings that include private residences, nursing homes, assisted living or HPH facilities. The volunteer is not involved in clinical care, but is there to assess the situation from what the patient needs or wants emotionally and spiritually as last breaths are taken. There may be silence while a comforting touch is applied to the patient’s hand, soft words are spoken, music is played or a prayer, passage or story is read aloud. Most of all, a gentle, open heartedness prevails.

HPH’s 11th Hour Volunteers consider their service a calling and we agree. The timeless gift they provide is measured by the peace they give to others.

Interested in Volunteering? Call us at 1-866-940-0962