The Benefits of Music

Music is a powerful element.It energizes, soothes, restores and nurtures. At HPH Hospice, music is also a tool for physical, emotional and spiritual care. Volunteers use music in many ways to decrease anxiety and pain, promote relaxation, facilitate communication, increase energy if the patient is lethargic and provide support in life review and legacy work.

Music can be used to stimulate interaction, memory and affective response. It encourages interaction between listeners and between listeners and the performer. Music also helps patients who are unresponsive. Because the sense of hearing can be keen during unconsciousness or withdrawal, music can create a serene atmosphere with many benefits.

HPH Hospice volunteers offer a number of music techniques based on the patient’s preferences:

  • Live instrumental through dulcimers, guitar, piano, organ or harmonica*
  • Music relaxation
  • Choral groups primarily in nursing homes, ALF communities and HPH Hospice Care Centers

For more information, contact HPH Hospice at (800) 486-8784.